Privacy Policy


Read our privacy policy carefully to be aware of the information we gather about our details. If you aren’t satisfied with the Policy and any of the terms in which you are not in agreement with the Policy It doesn’t constitute an invitation to use any of our services or applications or any other website that is linked to our Policy. By using and using this website or any of its functions, you agree with the Privacy Policy. Any modifications to the policy will be announced upon posting the policy on our site. We will also be testing various methods of informing you regarding the modifications and soliciting your agreement to the terms and conditions that are added. Your responsibility is to stay conscious of privacy policies and make sure that your account is in good standing throughout each regular update or change.

1.1 How Do We Collect Information?

The majority of data you submit is given by the user upon signing up for an account or writing your online reviews. Certain types of information are collected through technological processes, for example, information about your IP address on your personal computer.

1.2 How Do We Use the Information Collected?

The purpose behind the data that is gathered on you is to provide the highest-quality security and services. In addition, it performs additional purposes, such as the prevention of fraud as well as the direct communication between two individuals as well as digital marketing, and making sure the authenticity of the market.

For more information on how the data provided by the authors are used to make decisions about the data they provide, check the details below.

We’ll offer you our services, including hosting your website, and an active account that lets you run your website and make use of the data to analyze and optimize. Other uses include:

  • You will be recognized as an account holder that has an active account each time you log in or visit the website.
  • Update and improve our website and services.
  • We will send you our newsletter if been subscribed.
  • Make sure you follow the different rules and regulations applicable to the field. They are in line with the requirements of government agencies as well as public agencies.
  • Review them to make sure that they are authentic
  • We would love to have you write more reviews.
  • Inform the company you had a review of a service or product and that you utilized the Meisterconsultingllc platform to review the quality of your experience in all areas.
  • Be informed when your review has been awarded five stars or receives negative feedback.
  • Answer any question that comes to your mind and provide Satist=factory support to customers.
  • Be sure to contact us immediately if your content is deemed inappropriate by a particular organization or an individual user. We can request proof to prove the legitimacy or authenticity of your content.
  • Let users connect with social sharing features. It allows users in our network to join with any Meisterconsultingllc user through any social network of their choice, using the information we supply.
  • It is essential to point out that the users on a social network are also on our website, which improves the confidence of our community members. This can also enhance the quality of reviews and user experiences on the website.t
  • Please read our terms and condition.
  • Secure the operation of the business and its associates with a priority on rights, privacy, and security.
  • Integrate audits Data monitoring, audits, and fraud monitoring. Create new services and products. Other objectives within the business include improving the site’s performance by identifying trends and reviewing the marketing strategy which is designed to improve the efficiency of business processes of the business.

We also use the information you provide in a variety of ways to notify us of your request and seek your explicit consent.

1.3 Why We Collect Information

The purpose of gathering personal data is to:

  • Respect the legal requirements to ensure smooth operations in the company, in compliance with the legal framework established by law.
  • Establish, defend or defend legal rights when necessary.
  • Accept our terms of the contract with us.
  • Be mindful of legitimate business interests, such as our services and any interests of third parties that don’t override the user’s rights or interests.

There are several reasons behind data collection which are similar and we are legally obliged to collect that information. In certain situations in which you have provided consent to us to use your data, it’s simple to contact us to ask to revoke your consent at any time. If, for instance, you opt-in to our newsletters via email it is easy to manage your subscription and opt out from our email newsletter. Be aware that your data is only processed within the contexts described in the previous paragraphs, however, you have the right to every right as the user.

When you publish reviews or go to Meisterconsultingllc to write reviews, browse Meisterconsultingllc to create reviews, or use the Meisterconsultingllc website, it’s required to provide certain of your details with Meisterconsultingllc. The personal information you provide is utilized to achieve various efficiency goals for the business. Read this article to find out more about the information we collect, how we make use of it, as well as the rights you have about privacy protection for your data.

  1. Master data

When an account is created on the website, it creates an account automatically to use for private purposes (Meisterconsultingllc account) for the user who registered it. The account is created to save personal information regarding the account’s owner, and the information gathered is:”

  • Username (public data),
  • A passcode that’s highly secured and encrypted,
  • email address, and
  • The geolocation feature, as well as its country (country information is available to the public).

This information is crucial for setting up a functional account, which lets you post reviews on the website.

In addition, users can add additional information to their profiles. It is possible to include a username picture, description, or photo of your profile and gender as well as the location and language. Any additional information you add to your account will become available to anyone who visits your profile.

Meisterconsultingllc Meisterconsultingllc provides high-quality articles and integrates them with their profile to improve the experience for users who visit their profile. It also promotes other reviews written by users that are similar to the profile. It’s the responsibility of the user to create an anonymous account. it’s dependent on the kind of information being disclosed, for example, usernames.

2.1 The data is included in the ratings or reviews

If a review that is new about the company is posted by an individual, we collected the details from the reviewers to include them in the review and rating.

  • The name of the company was scrutinized
  • The title and content of the article
  • The service or sale is the subject of the review talking about (definition of “Service Experience” in our Guidelines for Review)
  • Evaluation of your Service Experience with the company (1-5 stars)
  • The score of your product (1-5 stars)
  • Your Service Experience’s Location
  • The date of the review’s publication If it was changed, the date when it was modified
  • An order reference if it’s provided by the author or company

If the company asks for documents to prove the authenticity of your Service Experience, we invite you not to divulge any sensitive information or confidential about someone other person or you. We only gather details for the purpose(s) specified in the request.

2.2 Data regarding your opinions, views, and the importance of your review may be shared with reviewers

When people find a review helpful, or if readers “like” what you wrote on our website, we collect this information. We also collect data like the number of people who read your review as well as the percentage of them who shared it with others. We don’t track those who do not have an account and haven’t read your reviews. If there’s a possibility to “like” other writers’ reviews and we can obtain the data as well. Websites are designed with an algorithm to ensure that they are not able to find the majority all the time.

2.3 Notifications to Us

If you’ve been a victim of any review or article that you think violates our guidelines for users provided by us, we encourage you to inform us. Users can send emails to us along with additional details like an explanation of the specific review. The information we collect includes:

  • The review you’ve notified us about
  • The date of the date of the
  • The reason why you think you violate the rules and other such.

2.4 This data comes from various websites, including social networks, such as Facebook

Your Meisterconsultingllc profile has the possibility of connecting your account to every one of your social profiles, which includes Facebook as well as Instagram (“Social Networks”). If users select this option, the platform automatically collects different types of information, based according to the privacy setting of the respective Social Networking Sites. The information that is publicly available through the site is among the initial thing to be retained, and the most basic details about the user’s profile will be collected from us, including:

  • Names and/or usernames are displayed on the platform
  • Registered email address
  • Profile photo
  • Your social networks

If you submit a request to connect the profile on your social networks to the profile of your Meisterconsultingllc profile and want to join us, we will inform you about the information we collect. You will receive an authorization window that allows you to take the appropriate steps.

In addition, it is contingent on the preferences of the user regarding the time frame he wants to join both profiles for. It is possible to unblock both accounts using the help of your Meisterconsultingllc account. Once you have done the process, Meisterconsultingllc will delete your unique Social Network ID. The company will also deactivate the company’s own Facebook or Instagram accounts. The profile picture that is on Facebook, as well as Instagram, will remain on your Meisterconsultingllc page until you alter the profile picture separately.

  1. Cookies

Cookies help you recognize your device and computer more than a particular user. They can also be used for other purposes. Our websites use cookies.

Each time a website is visited, the website will register the settings for the browser on the computer, as and the IP address. The browser settings include the kind of browser used to navigate the site along with its timeline and the language that is used in the web browser.

3.1 Settings and Location

We keep track of an IP address for your computer every when you visit our website. It is this ID that acts as the ID that allows you to browse through the review section of our site.

The settings for browsers can comprise what type of browser is used and the language it is using, as well as the date and time zone. The information we gather can be used to trace the computer or device that was being used for illegal activities or any other offenses linked to our website. We also use this feature to identify your location on a city-wide approximate location to assist us in understanding the conditions and terms that apply to you based on the geographical location where your device is located.

  1. Newsletters and emails from Digest

If you have signed up for our newsletters or similar services that use email and other similar services, we will save your email address and your preferences when it comes to our newsletters. If you want to unsubscribe from receiving our newsletter or any other email subscription You can opt-out of receiving them by following a straightforward procedure. Log into your account, navigate to the settings for your email and choose unsubscribe. In case you cannot stop receiving our newsletters, contact us at admin@Meisterconsultingllccom.

You have the right to challenge the way we use your personal information or ask us to restrict the processing. Read the next paragraph 12 for further details.

If you’d like further information regarding the legal basis we use to process your personal information, you can contact us. A Data Protection Officer (DPO) (see 14 below).

  1. Information on personal data

Personal information can be shared across platforms in various ways, but there are some limitations on sharing specific profile information. Websites and online platforms offer an interface for users that can be custom-made and is different from each other. Personal settings and other security settings should be kept in mind when using these platforms, as well as giving permissions.

5.1 The publication of your personal information on this site

Meisterconsultingllc is an online review platform that was designed to allow you to submit your personal experiences on the website. This allows people that are curious about the business or product to learn through your experiences. When a review is detailed we provide specific information regarding the writer for example:

  • Your username
  • Various
  • reviews you’ve written
  • Your country of residence or your location

5.2 Additional information you shared on the information that you shared via Your Social Networks

If you are planning to use a pseudonym for your account to become an author on Meisterconsultingllc ensure that you don’t choose your actual name as your username. It will reveal your identity whether it is in totality or some. The basis for this is the amount of information that the user discloses and decides if the profile is anonymized or not.

Be careful when you decide on what information to make available for public disclosure on the website.

5.3 Master-Details and other data: In the event of any event, such as review Writing or logging in your username or location, along with any other information you submit will be shown on the website. The company you write about might be aware of the content you’ve written on your blog. To restrict access to your review, you can limit access through the Account Settings.

5.4 geolocation If you write online reviews we use the address you use to access your devices in finding your location within the nearest state. It is an automated system that is part of the global web. The data is available to other web users as well.

Reviews you’ve discovered useful: When you find significant reviews about yourself and you are satisfied with the job you’ve completed via “liking” it, other users on Meisterconsultingllc can read the reviews you like.

5.5 Social Media Once you have connected your social media site, the data that is collected is your name, profile photo and date of birth, and also where you’re from. The information you provide is dependent on the privacy setting that you choose to set on social media. Therefore, the volume of information you share on Facebook will permit you to be identified by their site. Other users can also view the reviews that you’ve written.

If you opt to safeguard your identity by using a pseudonym as a substitute for your Meisterconsultingllc username, it is important to take care that must not join a social network(s) that may produce results that differ from. It could reveal your real identity to those who visit the website and may end the pseudonym you created. Additionally, if any of your friends are customers in Meisterconsultingllc We will reveal that “Connection” on the websites only to the person who is. Other members who are users of Meisterconsultingllc can see the connections to the Social Network aside from you.

5.6 Data about the services are connected to the profile

If you choose to connect to the Meisterconsultingllc Account to your personal Social Networking profile, data that the company collects on the use of its services on our website reviews, and other information you give will be available and given to Connections. Unless you choose to change your privacy settings for Connections and Connections will be the Social Network, data like the reviews you’ve written will be shown in Connections.

5.7 Details on other sites, services, and businesses

To aid in increasing the increase in the number of users who visit the reviews you submit to our site We’ve created a powerful structure that can be sustained by the standards of the business. Meisterconsultingllc’s main goal is to boost access and visibility of nifty authentic reviews. This is why we offer additional feature reviews to be posted on our site.

There are a variety of third-party companies and services which allow you to display your user reviews and also the profile of your user who is public. This includes:

  • Search engines are the same as search engines. Google and Bing
  • Companies that are inspected by Meisterconsultingllc
  • Companies that invite you to examine their product or Service
  • Retail and Consumer guides to shopping, cost comparison websites, and much more.
  • Platforms and applications associates such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, & Prestashop.
  • Based on Meisterconsultingllc’s analysis various other websites could be appropriate for our reviews.
  • Facebook When your post is published on the Social Network, this means that the following information will be made public:
  • Write a review(s), (see 1.2 above)
  • Your username, your nation (location), and any other information you wish to add to your profile. Some examples are your city the description of your profile, your name, your gender, your photo, and your preferred language.

5.8 A few points to be aware of:

If a company sends you an invitation to write a critique of their product, you can use our invitation service. Imagine that you create your account using Meisterconsultingllc in response to the invitation. The company who asked you to submit your review may use and hyperlink your review in response to that invitation.

If we need to verify the authenticity of your review If we have to confirm the legitimacy of your review We will reach out to you and ask for the necessary documents to prove that you had any experience of buying or receiving services with the company you have read about. We strongly advise keeping the evidence of your purchase or service experiences for twelve months from the date of your review. Avoid sending important personal documents.

We won’t share files we obtain from you with any business that you have viewed. If we receive an exact reference, an order ID/purchase ID we will send it to the company. In other cases, you can ask our permission to not share it.

  1. Other details

Apart from the previously mentioned, we can provide your information to the following entities in certain situations:

  • We will allow experts, contractors, and third-party vendors, to provide services to us.
  • To companies and Meisterconsultingllc businesses and Meisterconsultingllc affiliates.
  • Conforming to the law and legal procedure demands and requests from officials of the government and public officials.
  • To comply with the authorities of the federal government and regulatory agencies concerning referrals of cases or investigations.
  • Third-party enforcement agencies to third-party enforcement agencies, USER guidelines, TERMS, and CONDITIONS.
  • Third-party partners to safeguard our operations and the associated ones.
  • Third-party organizations who protect our privacy Privacy, security rights, security affiliates, you, and many others.
  • To third parties to limit the amount of damage and seek remedies.
  • Third-party organizations that investigate or stop any suspected or actual actions which do not just pertain to the misuse of our website or fraud.
  • to third parties in cases of assignments or acquisition sales to third parties in the event of mergers, reorganization joint ventures, or the sale of all or a portion of businesses or assets, including bankruptcy procedures.
  1. Data controller

To make the control of data easy and understandable for those who read it, we have made two sections: information under our control as well as information that is subject to your authority.

7.1 The data that we manage as the controller of the data

We are the data controllers regarding Master Data and other additional details you supply to create and manage your account. This is not only not limited to your address and your email address, postal address, the password, and an IP address. We supervise data that is not directly associated with this, for instance for example, in connection with services as well as other fields. Information we collect has been released previously, however, to understand this specific section, please refer to 2.3

Within the European Union, Denmark’s data protection laws regulate the manner of collecting personal data via Meisterconsultingllc.

7.2 Information on who controls this data

The data controller controls the information you choose to share with the site. Similar to Social Network linking, the personal information you provide following the linking of 2 profiles will be subject to the privacy settings on social networks.

  1. Links to other sites

There could be URLs that have hyperlinks that will redirect you to another website. It is essential to understand that we don’t endorse any products or services, nor the websites that we have hosted on our site. The creator of the hyperlinks adds them after the submission of UGC (USER-generated information) to us. We don’t control the information or content on linked websites. We, therefore, don’t assume any responsibility for websites’ practices policies, practices, or any other information that is provided by third parties.

If we disclose our responsibility to the website or content to which we have linked We advise users to review their privacy policies as well as other details. It’s essential as the method they use for collecting and processing personal information is different from ours. Be cautious when visiting any website or collecting any information. We also are not an authority regarding privacy policies, policies, UGC, and other information about hyperlinked URLs like products and services or websites.

  1. Data Processing

We use a third-party company to handle as well as process the technical data of our website and services. The company that we employ is well-known for its capabilities in processing data to safeguard your personal information. When you agree to this Policy You agree to our methods to control and control your data by our guidelines.

We have a legally binding irrevocable agreement between a third-party firm and Meisterconsultingllc. The agreement states that the processing and the actions that involve your data are carried out according to our instructions. Once you have signed the agreement, you are granting permission to our company to instruct the third-party processor to process and control your data by our policies and to fulfill the main reason you use our website.

We also instruct the third-party processor to implement appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect your data from scammers or fraudulent activities. They ensure that your data will not be lost, stolen, or disclosed to unauthorized individuals. Furthermore sharing personal data violates privacy laws.

If you’d like to know how our third-party experts handle and use the personal information you provide it could be necessary by the third-party processor. Our experts will provide the evidence you need to know that your data is treated with care and processing is secure from other parties. They will also outline the security measures taken to protect your data.

Meisterconsultingllc is operated and controlled by the United States. This means that our security and policies of Meisterconsultingllc are not dependent on the laws of the jurisdiction of any other country or territory. If you access our website from a different country than the US you agree to store and process your personal information within the US database.

  1. Data retention

We store records of your accounts, reviews as well as any other activities you’ve carried out using our platform. The data you require can be obtained through our email address. Additionally, the information will be deleted from our Main Database when you delete your account on our website. It is essential to know that any reviews you’ve written will be removed from your account. Since the database we have is an asset worthy of preservation, all data will be deleted, including your names, and email addresses, as well as the account deletion date and time. We’ll keep track of the data over three years.

Even after you have deleted your account, we continue to monitor your visits to our website in anonymous and aggregated forms.

11 – How Long Do We Keep Personal Information

11.1 Data under Children Under 16


As we have previously mentioned, we use the most technologically advanced administrative technological technology, organizational, as well as technical security measures to safeguard your personal information. We frequently review and analyze the security measures to protect against security flaws. The internet can’t provide 100% security, we are unable to provide any guarantees or warranty on the information you supply to us. We may be able to send an email if you sign up for our newsletter. However, these emails aren’t always safe. Therefore, it’s not recommended to send any sensitive information via email.

You can also read the security guidelines to learn more about the most current policies and procedures. We will continue to improve our security measures and keep you informed regularly.

11.2 External Links and Cookies

We employ tags, scripts, pixels web beacons, cookies, web beacons, and various other technologies to improve and personalize the user experience as well as evaluate the effectiveness of our website, provide services, as well as to promote our products and services. For more information about the ways that third-party service providers and we utilize cookies and the ways, you can limit your use of them Please read the following Cookies Policy.

We have to be aware that our site includes hyperlinked URLs that link to other sites. If you visit the other website from Meisterconsultingllc the information you provide to the website and the use of the information is not in the hands or control of Meisterconsultingllc as they are contained in our privacy policy. You are responsible to check the privacy guidelines of the websites before using these websites. Our policy applies only to the personal information you supply to us. If you change the information, for example, personal information, social network, such as personal data. It is your responsibility to label our website. Information you share on other websites, as well as social media websites, is covered by their privacy guidelines, not our own. We’re not accountable for privacy policies on other websites. Therefore, we do not go over them in a lot of detail. This means you have to look over the privacy policies of other websites before providing the site with your personal information.

11.3 Updating Personal Information

We employ extreme security steps to make sure that your data is up-to-date and accurate. We also give the possibility of changing your data without having to call the company or another organization. If you’re not able to change any inaccurate information on your account, it is recommended to inform us immediately. We will make sure the data is reviewed and updated according to your requirements and our policy. If you decide to cancel your account after that, we will retain certain information in the event of legal issues and legitimate business reasons.

If you give us any personal information we have we will validate the information before making any decision regarding the information. If you are having issues regarding the removal of your account from our website, please contact us to get assistance and adhere to our privacy rules.

You can easily alter and verify your personal information after logging into our website. You can then navigate to the page for account settings.

If you remove the UGC from our site, it might be visible on other sites archived, cached, or pages. There is a good chance that your UGC may be saved as well as copied and utilized by various websites. The access and use of information available on our site including UGC are controlled under our policies on terms of service.

11.4 The possibility of amending this Policy

We have the power to change our privacy policies based on our personal preferences. We are unable to communicate an announcement to our users. So, users are advised to read our policies regularly to stay up-to-date. Also, you can look up the most current data that is posted on this site. This will assist them in understanding our most recent or recently reviewed privacy policies.

12 – Contact Us

If you are still unsure about our privacy practices and how we process your personal information, get in touch with us via We’ll gladly assist you to address your concerns and resolve them in just a few minutes.